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Available in a variety of sizes, cardboard cutouts replicate the image of a person or animal onto a piece of cardboard that can be used for a variety of purposes. The image is often so realistic and lifelike that it can't be differentiated upon first glance, and cutouts have been used for entertainment, advertising, personal and business purposes for decades. Sometimes the image is used as a mask, but they can also be life-sized (or possibly even larger) and used as standees. Cutouts are often fun and entertaining, and they're used for parties or social events where having a replica of a person is an entertaining way to play games, take photos or add a unique and personalised prop to an occasion.

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Cardboard standees which depict people are useful and fun for a wide variety of occasions. They can add tremendous entertainment to a party. Imagine having a life-sized cardboard cutout of the guest of honour at a birthday or retirement party the honouree's image can be reproduced in his or her current and realistic form, or for more humour, from a photograph from another event or another time. All it takes is a photo to personalise a cutout for any occasion, and the possibilities really are endless. Cutouts of celebrities and historical figures are also available. You can even order cutouts of favourite movie characters such as the characters from Star Wars or Gone with the Wind.


You can choose a cutout of almost anyone imaginable, thereby adding to possibilities for fun and entertainment for your next event. Imagine hosting a party with cutouts of historical figures available for photos you'll add a new dimension to your gathering or even theater production. Cutouts of celebrities are fantastic for photo opportunities and take a party of any size to a new level with chances to pose and snap pictures with guest's favourite stars.


Cardboard images can be personalized to either a mask or a stand-up cutout. It's possible to order a cutout of yourself, which can be used in a variety of entertaining ways. They're useful and fun for corporate events, birthday, retirement or any other party occasion as well as for adding a bit of mirth to any holiday gathering. Even images of pets can be replicated. With so many possibilities, there are tremendous opportunities for fun when cardboard cutouts are used for photos, games, background props or any gathering when a cutout would add to the festivities.